Engadine Congregational Church

What we do at E.C.C. on Sundays

We meet on Sundays to read, hear and discuss the Bible, which is God’s Word through which He speaks to His children. The most vital truth we keep hearing from God's Word is that the only way to be made right with Him, to become His friend instead of His enemy, is to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ alone for our salvation. All that we do when we meet as a church family grows out of this reality. Knowing Jesus Christ truly is a life changing relationship. It is a message we long to share with others in our community and in our world.

However, it’s not all listening and discussion. Like any good family with a loving Father, we respond to Him in praise and prayer. We thank Him for everything he does for us and encourage each other to live as He wants us to live. We enjoy singing to the Lord and to one another about His Greatness and Mercy, and we ask Him to bring others into this Family of God as well.

Most of us need and look forward to this weekly time together. That’s why many of us hang around after the service, talking together. We hope you will feel welcome to join us. We hold two meetings on most Sundays, for Bible teaching, ministry and fellowship. The morning service is at 10:00 a.m. In the evening we meet at 6:00 p.m. two or three times a month, for prayer and community. Our Sunday meetings focus on what God says is most important: getting to know Him and make Him known to others.

We try to listen openly, carefully and thoughtfully as the Bible is preached to us. The preaching program is usually published at the beginning of each term, so that we have opportunity to read and think about the Bible passage before we attend church. Powerpoint slides and handout sheets are often used to aid our concentration and learning.

During our morning services we regularly have a kids' talk, which usually ties in with the sermon subject. After the kid's talk, there is a preschool crèche where children can be minded during the message, as well as a teaching time for older children up to school year 4.